Does more perfume trigger for migraine ??

Hard perfume and migraine Some wear hard perfume at office and its so badly hard that one can inform if she or he is in office. That may sometimes hit in head and which can trigger migraine. People dealing with migraine can get attack with this stupidity. They think they are so cool and stay […]

Headache can be sinus, migraine or regular !!

Migraine-Sinus headache How could one feel when sinus or migraine hits ? Having a sinus infection as well. This is another headache, which cannot be avoided like regular. This sinus headache making eyes stream from the pain in forehead and eyes. It can be felt in the teeth and through the nose and above to […]

Pain relief medication – Tramadol

Tramadol Recent study on pain relief and muscles relaxation has stated that tramadol is helpful. Tramadol has 50 mg and 100 mg. You must get your prescription from doctor before taking it. Alcohol or any narcotic medication should be avoid while taking tramadol online. You can order tramadol online from approved pharmacy. Buy tramadol with […]

What can help cure migraine headache?? –

Migraine headache and butalbital Fioricet generic is a combination of buta/caff/acet. This combination helps in relief of migraine headache. It relaxes the muscles and that reduces the pain as well. You must visit your doctor and explain your conditions. If you are taking Fioricet online and you are having any side effects of fioricet generic, […]